Muskara Vetiveria

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  • Year launched: 2016
    Collection: Muskara

      Main Olfactory Family: Aromatic
      Secondary Olfactory Family: Musk

        Perfume Chord:

        Tonic note: Pheromone Family 
        Dominant note: Vetiver

        Under the bushes of vetiver, one finds the roots with an irreversible effect on the subconscious. Using the purest, single molecular variables, Muskara Vetiveria contains 100% natural molecules – Vetiverols – which can be found only in the vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver plant). Here, the formulation capacity is reaching its maximum level, and the way back is lost. 
        Editions I-XVIII and I-XX are available for this product. If you have any batch preferences please contact us with your request.