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Year launched: 2015
Collection: Linneo
    Main Olfactory Family: Wood
    Secondary Olfactory Family: Spicy

      Perfume Chord:

      Tonic note: Vetiver
      Dominant note: Olibanum
      Sub Dominant: Cardamom
        Endeavour and Linnaeus  where created from a collaboration between Julian Bedel and Mats K, creator of the London based Trunk boutique. They are part of Fueguia theme ob botanical exploration and homage to an era of authentic discovery and bravery, long lost in modern times.

        Drawing on the rich botanical and cultural resources of the region. Named for the 18th Century Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, the fragrance comprises a core of vetiver and musk, with lighter notes of olibanum, cardamom and ginger. A subtle, masculine fragrance, it represents the intersection of Fueguia's artisanal approach to perfumery and Trunk's refined, understated tastes.

        Editions I-XVIII and I-XX are available for this product. If you have any batch preferences please contact us with your request.